Memory of a Place in Mid-Year Exhibition

After doing the 20 small studies of Montauk Grey Days that I mentioned in my last post, I found a new painting that I wanted to create.  These are 5 x 5 inches each and I wanted to use them as inspiration for two 20 x 20 inch paintings.

In the new diptych, I wanted to use more paint than I did in Montauk Grey Days and to be more deliberate.  At first I had Montauk Grey Days and my small studies hung in front of me as I painted, but it was becoming quite frustrating trying to partly mimic the older works and partly create something new.  My instructor suggested I put the old paintings away, and just work from my memory of the them.  At this point the work became more free and developed its own voice.  In a sense it became more ambiguous ---it was a painting of a memory of a painting, which was a memory of a landscape.  

Here is Memory of a Place, 2013:

Memory of a Place, 2013, oil on canvas, 20 x 20 inches each.

It was also included in the National Academy School's Mid-Year Exhibition this winter.  

National Academy School Mid-Year