Creative Mischief

My new work, Now it's a Painting, will be presented in the National Academy Museum & School's juried pop-up exhibition "Creative Mischief".  The students of the Academy are taking over both the museum and school for 4 days to exhibit new large-scale works.  The show opens with a public reception on Thursday, May 15th, 6-8pm and will be on view until Sunday, May 18th.  

Now it's a Painting is my first installation, and it has been quite a mind game for me.   Usually I start with colors or a painting technique I want to explore, but this time I've challenged myself with minimal color and the question: what makes a painting "a painting?"  I've also introduced new materials (fabric, glue, pins, cardboard) and brought the painting off the traditional two-dimensional canvas.  I've been playing with the composition, and will be deciding it's final presentation on-site.  My instructor of the Advanced Studio course and director of the Academy, Maurizio Pellegrin, made the comment that this work is like a novel.  I like to think of it as a novel with many different endings.

Here are some sneak peaks of the work in progress: