Monday Morning Exercise

Blind painting, 2014, oil on canvas.

Last Monday in my painting class at the Academy, our instructor had us paint blindfolded. This sounds silly at first, but it was actually an interesting exercise to try out.  We each were allowed to set up three to four paint colors on our palettes before being blindfolded and left only to be assisted by a partner.  The partner was there to make sure you painted on your canvas or paper, and to guide you to the colors you requested.  

I picked a somewhat familiar palette--cerulean blue, cinnabar green, pale gold, and white.  Once I was blindfolded it was both scary and freeing to hit the canvas.  I would paint a few strokes of a color in small spots all over the canvas and then ask to be directed to the next color I felt was needed.  I had no idea what it was going to look like, but oddly enough it ended up being similar to a painting I would create with my eyesight. Painting blinded folded allowed me to not overthink or overwork the composition, and just let my natural instincts guide me.  It was the perfect exercise to start off a Monday morning when you're tired and feeling overwhelmed with where to begin. 

Photos: painting blindfolded; trying to find the palette; my karate kid look during the critique; and my painting partner and I's paintings.