Waterfalls, 2014, oil on canvas, 38 x 48 inches.

Over the past few months I have been experimenting with both pouring diluted paint and working on unprimed canvas.  I just love the fluidity of the thinned paint juxtaposed on the raw, natural texture of the canvas. The spontaneity of what the paint will do excites and challenges me.  I only have so many shots with this approach to painting before the work can lose its freshness and brilliance, so I must be thoughtful with each step.  

Before starting Waterfalls, in my installation Now it's a painting I used restraint and only made one dramatic pour from the top of the composition.  After feeling how satisfying this was, I wanted to do a painting only about pouring and to bring in some color, but keeping some of the restraint and purity.  Naturally, I decided to mix up my very own mixture of a blue-green tint.  I did a long pour and loved the curvy shape it made while the paint was still wet and then the blurry, subtle one it made once the paint dried.  I let the painting rest a few days, and then decided to pour some more, but only with white and my special blue-green tint. The result was Waterfalls.  The painting is currently on view in the National Academy School's 2014 Year End Exhibition until June 29th.