Pour Series

Lavender Skies and Pacific at Dusk are two new paintings that I just completed born out of my pour studies.   These works are inspired by both the memory of landscapes and photographs I've taken of light, color and form transitioning in various vistas.  I did not seek to literally represent the natural world, but aimed to evoke a similar atmosphere or essence in my compositions through careful choice of color, handling of paint and medium, and placement of pours.  However considerate I am in this process, there is always an element of surprise and a point at which I must surrender and let the painting be.  

In Lavender Skies, I explored the color lavender--a new color in my palette--and poured until I found the shapes and layers of thinned paint to be at the desired balance of transparency and opacity.  Originally I thought I might add some pink as some of my studies explored and photographs of spring skies suggested, but instead I decided to focus on lavender and keep the painting more monochromatic like the first work of this series, Waterfalls.

Lavender Skies, 2014, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches.

Pacific at Dusk began with the intention of sticking to a monochromatic palette of deep blues and flowing in one direction such as Waterfalls and Lavender Skies, but I decided to add more colors and pour from another direction.  I referred back to one of my photographs of Pacific Ocean Beach in San Francisco at dusk that simply took my breathe away in person.  I choose a few of the lush blue-violet hues I loved from the image and went to work pouring until I felt it was "right".  

Pacific at Dusk, 2014, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches.

I plan to continue working on this series, and see where it will lead me next.